Hi, I'm Mike! 👋 I'm a software engineer at Spectric Labs, Inc.where I'm building scalable solutions for the US government. My day-to-day technology stack looks like Python Golang MongoDB RabbitMQ Docker React.js or Vue.js In the past, I've led the rearchitectures of legacy monolithic digital signals processing systems to service-oriented architectures, achieving a massive increase in throughput, scalability, and reliability. All of these systems are still running in operational environments serving customers worldwide. Furthermore, I've developed deep learning models and ETL systems to help triage and prioritize data for analysts. I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineeringand a second major in Computer Scienceand in 2016 with a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineeringon the topic of approximating noise waves in microwave and millimeter devices. I had the pleasure of conducting research underBobby Weikle. In addition, I researched incorporating genetic algorithmsinto the multi-objective optimization problem of visual fidelity vs runtime in path tracers withWes Weimer. On the side, I enjoy taking photos, trying new restaurants and cocktail bars, and traveling. I have the privilege of being married to my best friend Erin, father to our wonderful baby girl, and doggo-dad to my girl Poppy.